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Buying A Home

4 Reasons to Buy Now!

As a real-estate co-op, we bring the top Puget Sound real estate professionals together to get you results. Through strategic collaboration, we are combining our knowledge and resources to offer buyers and sellers the best advice, guidance, education, and negotiated discounts on relevant service. Nor’West Property Shop offers an entirely fresh approach – a more client focused model that provides unparalleled value. You deserve more than just a conventional real estate group, focused soly on finding thier next prospect or using outdated mehods to find you a home. As a buyer, you need a group that understands the current market and how to help you remain competitive.

Your dream home is out there… Lets GO GET IT!

As part of the Nor’West family, you deserve more. Where a typical agent may open a few doors and draw up a contract, here you get real value. Because we are co-op and have leveraged services as a collective whole, the discounts provided to you are unmatched. Our partner contractors, loan agencies and inspectors are all on board to provide the service you demand.

“We have skin in the game!”

Its important to have a real estate group that helps protect you and your family before, during and after the purchase of your home. With our performance guarantees you can feel confident that you are in the right hands. Our services go beyond the purchase and your move-in date.

VIP Guarantees Include*:

  • Home Hunter Services – Priority access to published listings with real time updates. You will see exactly what real estate agents can look at nothing is ever hidden. You will also receive a tailored program to find you off-market homes, bank foreclosures, auction listings and proprietary homes. Do you have a specific community that you just love? Great! We will target market these homes and find you interested sellers.
  • Dream Home Promise – Our unique approach and attention to detail allows us to guarantee the satisfaction of your home. If for any reason you are not 100% happy with your home and you choose to move on…. you are covered. All listing costs with us will be waived and we will sell your home free of charge. It’s important we find you the right house!
  • Certified Move-In Ready – Your home will be fully inspected once you take possession and if it does not pass the requirements to be a “certified move-in ready home”, you will receive up to a thousand dollars for any repair. This keeps us on our toes when we evaluate your home the first time with you. You will also have the peace of mind that you will get the best representation during the negotiation process.
  • First Year Coverage – Protecting you after the purchase of your home is important to us and something we commit to everyday. You will have a 1-year home warranty that will cover most of your major systems inside your house.
  • Mortgage Promise – Competitive local rates are negotiated to save you thousands. Your loan package is extremely important and is often a topic that most agents shy away from. Most just don’t understand how to negotiate with lenders and save their clients a ton of money. WE DO!!
  • No Long-Term Contract – Don’t need one as you can fire us at any time. We will strive to earn your business every day.

*Some conditions do apply.

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4 Reasons to Buy Now
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4 Reason To Buy Now

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