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The unique, small town experience, created and maintained in Buckley has shaped a sense of community indefinitely.

While we strive to preserve our historical heritage, Buckley is a place that embraces new ideas while providing a safe, friendly and relaxing atmosphere where individuals can live, work, play and raise a family. Our vision is to meet the needs of the citizens who live and work here and to enhance the active and entertaining lifestyle that so many visitors come back to time and time again.

Though the beauty of the Cascade Mountains seems to be enough to take one’s breath away, Buckley strives to augment this natural resource to improve the community experience through recreation, education, and entertainment. Our collective diversity allows us to maintain and improve the quality of life that so many individuals come to Buckley to enjoy.

Quick facts About Buckley

  • Incorporated in 1889
  • County Pierce
  • Congressional Dist. 8
  • Legislative Dist. 31
  • ‘04 Est Population 4,450
  • Total Area 3.95 Square Miles
  • Latitude 47.16538
  • Longitude -122.02369

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