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The City of Covington is quickly becoming a thriving City that enjoys a vibrant sense of community. Covington is a place where local government, private citizens and businesses are partners, working together to provide innovative solutions for the challenges facing the City as it grows. The Covington City Council believes that you can live and work in the same community, while keeping a rural feel with economic vitality. Since Covington’s incorporation on August 31, 1997, the City is growing so quickly that population signs posted below the City signs have been removed. While the City had a population of about 12,500 at the time of incorporation in 1997, steady growth has increased that number to over 15,000 in 2004. The City of Covington is also developing as a new center for commerce. It is a great place for jobs and businesses such as: medical clinics, banking, real estate, mortgage, restaurants and professional offices.

There are many residential property opportunities as well, including a wide range of single family housing from affordable to luxury. Covington’s focus on economic development over the past few years is evident by the arrival of many new businesses in the City, most of which are in brand new commercial retail and professional office buildings that demonstrate the high quality development standards envisioned in the City’s Vision Statement, Comprehensive Plan and Development Regulations.

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