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Located at the foot of Mount Rainier and along the shores of Commencement Bay in Washington state, Tacoma is
recognized as a livable and progressive international city.

With a population of more than 199,600 residents, the city that incorporated in 1884 has grown from its historical roots as a home of sawmills and a bustling port that exported goods around the world to a center for international exports, the arts and healthy, affordable living.

Clear views of Mount Rainier and the glistening waters of Puget Sound offer a dramatic backdrop for the ever-changing life of Tacoma—“The City of Destiny.” As Washington’s third-largest city, Tacoma continues to grow as an economic and cultural core of Pierce County.

Tacoma is one of the West’s most ecologically diverse areas, with an abundance of sea life at its shores and frequent Bald Eagle sightings in its skies. Home to a magnificent deep-water port, major rail and highway links and easy access to a major international airport, the City of Destiny—a name given to Tacoma by her founding fathers a century ago—still rings true today.

The city is a destination spot for tourism and residents, and more and more it is a choice location for growing businesses.

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