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The Seattle/Tacoma area housing market is the hottest in the country and has been one of the most competitive to date. The need to simplify and successfully navigate this complex real estate market is on the rise. The process of balancing everything needed in a transaction – offers, bids, contracts, inspections, estimates, negotiations, market knowledge, etc.- in a hyper-competitive market can be extremely time consuming and confusing. Both clients and realtors scramble to make everything happen quickly within a relatively short window of time.

As a real estate co-op, we bring the top Puget Sound real estate professionals together to get you results. Through strategic collaboration, we are combining our knowledge and resources to offer buyers and sellers the best advice, guidance, education, and negotiated discounts on relevant services.

Nor’West Property Shop offers an entirely fresh approach- a more client focus model that provides unparalleled value. You deserve more than just a conventional real estate group, focused solely on finding their next prospect or using outdated methods. Let’s bang a sign in your yard and hope it prays comes to mind.

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Does Your Agent Add Up in 2018 or Stuck in 2008?
In today’s highly-fueled social media world things move fast, sometimes too fast. Technology has taken hold in every sector of our lives. Real estate is no different. As processes get automated and marketing becomes more and more viral, ask yourself, “Does my realtor add up? […]
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Protect Yourself … RED FLAGS When Viewing a Home
Every Seattle area real estate agent has either had or heard of a home buyer who, after a long search, falls in love with a house and on an emotional reaction overlooks key issues that may cost them the deal. In this hyper-competitive market, the buyer rushes to place an offer after only a cursory tour of the house. Just days later, the buyer learns that the inspection has turned up a lot of pricey and much-needed repairs. […]
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Here are four great reason to consider buying a home today instead of waiting:
Home prices in the Northwest region have appreciated by 13% year over the last several years. This trend will continue throughout 2018 even with interest rates on the rise. […]
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