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Home Values

It’s almost a given that you have checked your home value online on an instant valuation site. There are plenty sites such as Zillow, Redfin, eAppriasal and that offer such convinces.


These valuation sites use computer generated algorithms and reported data to estimate a range for your home. These values are generally inaccurate for exacting listing price but they offer a general pricing guideline. The accurate way to get your home value is through an appraisal or comparative market analysis (CMA). A CMA is used by the top agents to help establish market price and is a more hands on approach. This is a free service that we are proud to provide.You will have a comprehensive report that compares your home to others in the area for the last 6 months. We will look at the conditions of each home, the circumstances around the sell and the time of year the property sold. This will give you a precise home value you can feel confident in using.

Which valuation is right for you?

Computer Algorithm Version is just fine…

Please send me a Personalized Home Value Done By a Human