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Selling A Home

More demand = More Money.

The solution to selling a home for the most possible money is demand. It is not fancy yard signs or simply just listing online.

You deserve more, much more. If you want more, then you’ll need an agent who knows how to go beyond traditional 2008 selling techniques. You need an agent well versed in 2018/2019 selling and marketing strategies and who can create demand not just wish for it to show up. If you are hoping that the traditional selling methods are enough to get you top dollar, you may be disappointed. If that’s the case, please see our section about FSBO (For Sale By Owner).

The Basics Are Not Enough

A majority of agents still use these old-school and very traditional marketing techniques:

  • Listing your house on the MLS
  • Pricing it a perceived fair market value
  • Banging a for-sale sign in your front yard
  • Hosting an open house (usually just to market themselves)

While these traditional methods have been around for ages, they work and still have their place in today’s market, no debate. They will eventually sell your home, especially in the hot Northwest market. However, you may be leaving money on the table. Even in today’s market it is essential to create a higher demand and edge out the competition using fresh new tactics. How do you create more demand and knock it out of the park?

  • Using and analyzing big data
  • Utilizing social media with an aggressive targeted campaign
  • Aggressive pricing strategy
  • Retarget marketing
  • A skilled understanding of foreign markets
  • Large book of buyers already
  • Multiple selling campaigns that benefit you and the buyer
  • Free inspection and a 1-year warranty so the buyer will offer more
  • Free professional 2D, 3D and aerial photography
  • Free professional staging
  • Close on time guarantee

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